Who’s That Girl?

I wonder if authors are surprised when a character flows out from their pen or keyboard a fully developed personality with a complete life history. I know the usual process is to agonize over every detail and change character traits until it gels into the person which fits the story.  Sometimes, or so I hear, the character just flows, as if it wants to be born.

When I started drawing the girl below, I did not have a reference, nor did I have a vision of what I wanted her to look like. She just came to the paper, fully developed.

GirlI look at her now and start to image the details of her life, her likes, her dreams, her personality.  It is like having a baby (OK it is not really, but stay with me for a moment).  You put something of yourself into the creation, but in the end, they are their own individual entity – marvelously unique.  I wish all drawings flowed so easily!

I have some exciting changes going on in my world.  I am downsizing from an 1100 square foot 3-bedroom house, to a tiny 500 square foot (or so) 1-bedroom apartment.  Yes, I will officially be a tiny house dweller.  I will also be renting an art studio in a building with other artists!  I am sad to leave my home that I love, but I am looking forward to more financial freedom, less stuff to take care of, and my very own studio space!  I will post pictures as I make the move.