Fairy Shrimp

Using a poetry prompt from the book “The Daily Poet” by Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano, I wrote a delightfully silly poem.  As a kid, I loved Dr. Seuss, and I am afraid some of that rhythm creeped into this poem, but it was such fun!  The idea was to begin with the word or image of a stone, end with the image of soup, and use at least five words chosen from a list of non-related words.  Today I created an image to accompany my poem.




Stone Soup

The fairy shrimp called out as I tripped over a stone
“Watch where you are going, or you will reap what you’ve sown.
When you’re about to fall, why don’t you thrown down a pillow?”
I blinked as I rolled under a vast weeping willow.

I replied, “But, how do I know when trouble will call,
How am I able to plan where I fall?”
“Before I tumble or spill,” she plainly said
I hear a warning go off in my head.”

“You kamikaze humans are always getting into hot water
Even more clumsy than my two-year-old daughter.”
Her red fairy dress sparkled with glitter,
In my outrage I thought I might hit her.

Next time I decide to take the path through the forest,
Instead I will drive the freeway in my Ford Taurus,
I’ll avoid the fairy shrimp and her preachy troupe
When I go to the market to buy veg for my soup.