Blooming Garden

I just completed an amazing online course with Pixie Lighthorse (Campbell) of Soulodge called Visual Quest.  I went on on shamanic journeys, journaled my thoughts, played with paint, and let my spirit/guides/higher self talk to me through my painting.  I went through such a transformative process with this painting.  Underneath are many layers – layers of pain, loss, and heartache.  As I worked through those layers, the pain was transformed into flowers.  I was left with lightness and joy – both on the painting and in my heart.  VQ_1_final

“The Garden Blooms”


Detail of painting: My Heart is Open

VQ_1_detail2Detail of painting: Be Present

This way of painting is very new to me, but I will continue to explore painting from an intuitive approach.  It is lesson in trusting my guides and trusting myself.