More Diary of Faces

I have a long post today to catch up on my Diary of Faces.  I have been painting the faces from this class with Sharon Tomlinson, and really enjoying the process.  It has not been easy, and I am not always happy with the outcome, but, I always learn something.

Week 4 – Charles Frederick Goldie

My Goldie on the Right

I used a grid to try and capture the proportions.  The hands were quite a challenge.

Charles Goldie, Joan of Arc








Week 5 – Giovanni Boldini

My Boldini

Giovanni Boldini

This was a very different style, but I really enjoyed the loose quality of the painting process.






Week 7 – Irma Stern

Don’t ask about Week 6.  I may finish that painting one day.  I really enjoy the Irma Stern painting – very  bold and quite fun to paint.  This is one of my better paintings.

My Stern

Irma Stern, Pondo Woman













Week 8 – Madge Gill

This week did not involved painting, but drawing in ink.  I really love Madge Gill’s work – so fresh and playful.

My Madge Gill

Madge Gill, Sideways Glance









Week 9 – Wladyslaw Slewinski

It was such a challenge to do a figure.  Trying to get the skin tones to where I liked them took many, many layers, but, I like the result.

My Slewinski














Week 10 – George James Coates

The challenge this week was to start with a black background.  This was difficult as I had to re-frame my thinking about light and dark values.  I do not like the shape of the face, but generally feel this was successful.

My Dora

Coates Wife, Dora Meeson











Week 11 – Agnes Millen Richmond

This week is an American painter.  Sharon creatively used herself as the American painter and I loved her outcome.  I decided to look for an American painter and found this painting that I wanted to try because it had a landscape in the background.  The title is “Woman in Green Suit in Autumn”.  I have not achieved a likeness, or anything even close, but I am generally happy with the result.  I liked playing with little dabs of color.

My Woman in Green Suit on right









Week 12 – Fritz von Kamptz

This was quite a challenge as the painting has a hazy, ethereal quality to it.  I tried to capture that quality, and did not succeed, but had quite an experience nonetheless.  I know the final painting is not in proper proportion, but, I am trying to keep moving on as I am behind in class.

My von Kamptz

Fritz von Kamptz








I am still two weeks behind in the paintings for this class which is 18 weeks long.  I will have to accept that I am behind, and will get further behind due to travel (a work trip followed by vacation).  I will post on my travels and on my workshop next weekend with Tangie Baxter!  I desperately need a vacation.  It has been 22 weeks without a full week off from work!  I have take a day here and there, but, not a week or more.  How did I let that happen?  Stay tuned for pictures from the workshop, San Diego, and Sedona, AZ.

Diary of Faces

I recently started a new on-line portrait class called “Diary of Faces” by Sharon Tomlinson.  Sharon is an amazing artist and a fantastic teacher.  We are creating a painting based on a different artist each week.  I have never tried to copy another painting before, nor have I painted portraits in acrylic, so this is such a great learning experience for me.  I admit that I have really surprised myself, and am happy with how much I have been able to accomplish so far.  I am painting in an old children’s book.  It is a great size, and by applying gesso to the page beforehand, I have an excellent substrate to paint on.

Week 1 – Georgette Chen – Self-Portrait, 1949:


Georgette Chen – Self-Portrait – 1946

My portrait:

My Chen Portrait, acrylic, July 15, 2012

Week 2 – Nicolae Grigorescu – 1838-1907 – I don’t know the name of this portrait:

Original:                                                My Portrait:

My Grigorescue Portrait (on right) – July 22, 2012

On the Grigorescue portrait I play with a different style than his and only used the original as a starting point.  I wanted to work more with layering the acrylic paint in a series of glazes to build up the painting and create smooth skin tones.

Week 3: Chrisitan Krohg: 1852-1925 – portrait of Barbra Ihlen Larssen

Original:                                                          My Krohg:

My Barbra Larssen, August 2, 2012

Christian Krohg, Barbra Larssen

My portrait was done on a fairly small scale – about 6 1/2″ by 7 1/2″.  I really enjoyed building up the layers, using small bits of color and playing with bringing out the shapes in the face.  I love painting wrinkles!  An older woman’s face is so interesting, it tells a story with every line and every shadow.

I love this drawing and painting journey that I am on and can’t wait to continue!