Blooming Garden

I just completed an amazing online course with Pixie Lighthorse (Campbell) of Soulodge called Visual Quest.  I went on on shamanic journeys, journaled my thoughts, played with paint, and let my spirit/guides/higher self talk to me through my painting.  I went through such a transformative process with this painting.  Underneath are many layers – layers of pain, loss, and heartache.  As I worked through those layers, the pain was transformed into flowers.  I was left with lightness and joy – both on the painting and in my heart.  VQ_1_final

“The Garden Blooms”


Detail of painting: My Heart is Open

VQ_1_detail2Detail of painting: Be Present

This way of painting is very new to me, but I will continue to explore painting from an intuitive approach.  It is lesson in trusting my guides and trusting myself.

Dream Maker Workshop

On October 4 and 5, I spent a wonderful time at Tangie Baxter’s new studio/store/classroom called Artspiration, in Phoenix, Arizona. Her workshop, Star Gazer Dream Maker, an artjournaling class, was fantastic. We played and dreamed, ate and chatted, and were encourage to push ourselves outside our usual modes of working.

I love how she has decorated and designed her shop:

Artspiration Studio







I will continue to fill in my journal with more doodling and more journaling, but, I really enjoyed the freedom and experimentation I had with this journal.  The red circle shapes on the cover were made using the bottom of a baby bottle nipple.  Who knew!

Thanks Tangie for a great weekend!

Me (left) and Tangie (right)

Me (left) and Tangie (right)