Great day to be inside making art!

This weekend has the potential for the greatest snow accumulation in a single event in Washington DC since 1922!  It looks like we might get 2 feet or more.  Luckily it is quite cold so the snow isn’t too heavy.  We are hoping to minimize the potential for power outages.

It is a great day to be inside drinking tea and making art.  This afternoon, I will be playing with paper clay – a moldable, air drying medium.  This is part of my current goal to work through Misty Mawn’s book Unfurling, and lead the discussion for the Art Journal Emporium Book Club.  I am doing a chapter a week and blogging on the AJE site.  Volunteering to lead the book club for January and February means I can’t get lazy, I am pushing myself to make several projects from each chapter.  I am having fun so far!

These are the stamps I carved last week:

Hand carved stamps

Hand carved stamps

Then I made an Artist Trading Card (ATC) using one of the stamps, deli paper printed with a Gelli plate, an image from Tumblefish Studios, and words from Tim Holtz.

ATC-with-StampThese are my latest daily drawings:

January 19 - Folk Birds

January 19 – Folk Birds

January 20 - Snowy Owl

January 20 – Snowy Owl – ink and graphite

January 21 - Pen and Ink with Pan Pastels

January 21 – Pen and Ink with Pan Pastels

January 22 - Pen and Ink Iris

January 22 – Pen and Ink Iris


















Well, back out to shovel some more, then play with paper clay.




Beginning Again in 2016

Human beings have the amazing capacity for hope – to start over, time and time again, believing that life can be different, better. We pick ourselves up off the ground and set a new course for a new destination. Beginnings are so filled with potential, promise of the unknown, excitement. With intention, beginnings can grow into a journey of exploration and growth, culminating in new adventures and positive outcomes.

After many years when I have not had the time to focus on myself, I am now blessed with more time, and more energy, to follow my desires and my dreams. The last two years have been among the most difficult of my life, watching someone I love suffer, investing my energy in loving support, and finally, letting go so that they could find their own way. I am the stronger because of it, and more ready than ever to begin my own adventure!

My word for 2016 is TRANSFORMATION.

Word2016I am consciously choosing to change the things in my life that I have the capacity to change.  I am focusing my energy on that which brings me joy – joy in being alive, joy in self expression, joy in my own spiritual growth.

One such change is to improve my drawing skills.  I know from experience that the only way to improve is to practice, practice, practice.  Therefore, I vow to draw every day in 2016.  I will do some long and detailed sketches; some short, quick expressive drawings; some doodles and illustrations – serious and silly, good and bad.

Accountability is a good motivator, so I plan to post my drawings on my blog and on Instagram (#draweveryday2016, #drawdaily2016).  I will blog two times a week posting not only the drawings, but my other art work as well.






Starting November of 2015, I also am part of the Crew for Art Journal Emporium.  I have taken courses on digital art journaling with Tangie Baxter of AJE for several years, and I love her website and programs.  I am currently doing a collage each month (the cut and paste type) as part of the team.  Also, I am leading the Book Club for January and February with Unfurling: A Mixed Media Workshop with Misty Mawn.  Here is one of my paintings from the Chapter 2 assignments.

Mixed Media Chickadee

Mixed Media Chickadee

I am leading the discussion of the book and presenting my interpretations of the assignments.  This is pushing me to work through all of the wonderful material in the book, which I am really enjoying.

As you can see, I am currently in a bird mode, particularly Chickadees!  It is probably because of a course I have been doing called Flight and Feather by Ivy Newport.  (This is another of my goals for 2016 – to complete the courses I signed up for in 2015, rather than signing up for more courses!!!)

I have other plans for my year of transformation as well, which I might share in the future, but this blog will mostly follow my artistic adventures.  The other areas are related to health and finances – always on most people’s New Year resolution list!

I wish you all good health, happiness, and peace in the New Year!