My name is Anne O’Connor and I am a mixed media artist.  I love to create art in a variety of media including mixed media collage, digital art, drawing, painting, encaustic, and fiber (knitting and spinning).Photoforblog

I especially enjoy incorporating brilliant color, vintage photos, and whimsical elements into my work.
I have recently begun writing poetry again (not since very early in my life) as a way to process the challenges in life.  I feel the need to turn this messiness into some sense.  Even if it only makes sense to me.
Here is to tapping into the wellspring of creativity that is within all of us,

2 thoughts on “About

  1. love your choice…mine should be Willynillyjillie….love all kinds of creartive things and been around long enugh to try a lot of them…on the faces with Sharon, now…I’ll enjoy getting whatever comes thru your blog…E Jill Mordasky AKA….. winna

    • Oh, Ann, I am visiting your site at the suggestion of our colleague, Connie. It’s a gift to read and see your creative work.
      On the one hand, I almost feel like an intruder, looking into another’s private reflections; on the other hand (she says, rabinically), I feel I am peering into your psyche (with your permission), and recognizing the many issues of women like us that arise as we age and grow.
      Hopefully, at some point, we find the peace (or the acceptance) of the complexities that life puts fourth for us, recognizing that it is these very complexities that keep the candle of creativity burning within us.
      “Thank you for sharing…”


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