New Blog


So, it has been awhile.  The second half of 2016 became busy and crazy, filled with tremendous change – in my own life and in the world around me.  I moved, simplified, and changed my name.  (The official change is still in process, but soon…)  My new name is Artemis, and with it I am starting a new blog.    You may find it here:

I will still continue to post my art and my creative process, but I will also be writing more – philosophical musings, poetry, and even an occasional political rant.  I have been too quiet for too long.

Above is my latest painting entitled “The Red Belt”.  I found an image of a woman in the 1930s standing in this pose.  It looks like one of those depression photographs that were done to document the hardships everyone was enduring.  She looked so strong and intense.  I was intrigued by her pose.  Why do you think she is standing like this with the backs of her hands facing outward, looking somewhat defensive and resigned at the same time?  Your interpretation is as good as mine…

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