Light Spirit

It has been awhile since I last posted. Work and life has been busy, although that is not a very good excuse I know. I have often let life get in the way of my creative expression.  I am currently taking steps to free up more of my time and energy to redirect towards my painting and creative work.

Since my last post I became a member of the Hyattsville Community Arts Alliance and have been exhibiting my work in my area.  Currently, my newest painting, Light Spirit, is hanging in the Doctor’s Community Hospital in Lanham.

Light Spirit 12"x12" Acrylic

Light Spirit 12″x12″ Acrylic

A friend I met last year at Squam Into the Mystic has purchased the painting!  It brings me so much joy to know others like my work enough to want to own a piece.  This painting started as a much more controlled (and boring) figure.  Then I started playing with blurring the edges between the figure and the landscape, as if they were part of each other.  It became impressionistic and much lighter in mood.  I may play with this method more in the future.  I love the result and it felt a more open and freeing way to paint.

My wish is that more joy and lightness of spirit is brought into all our lives.

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