One Month Done!

I can’t believe I have completed a drawing every single day for the month of January!  Frankly, I have often come up with challenges or ideas of creative things I want to do, but I admit I sometimes (frequently) have trouble following through.  I am pleased with the progress I have made this month.  I don’t love all of these drawings, most are mediocre, but, that’s not the point.  The fact that I made one each day and posted them represents a huge hurdle for me.  A daily drawing practice forces me outside my comfortable complacency into unknown territory.   Territory where my skills and confidence are growing.

My favorite this month is this pen and ink of a quail:


One goal this year is to become more comfortable using ink as opposed to graphite.  I love ink drawings, but creating with ink can be nerve wracking.  There’s no chance to erase!

Then I had some more fun with flower doodles.  This type of illustrative drawing from the imagination is what I do when I want to relax and de-stress.


On Sunday, I actually did a self-portrait that comes closest to capturing a likeness!  I stood in front of the bathroom mirror with my sketchbook and charcoal.  Since I had to see the drawing, I had on my reading glasses, so I drew those as well.  I like the simplicity of this sketch.


Today, I went back to my old standby for still life – the pear.


After just one month, I can see tremendous growth in my work, I can’t wait to see the difference a year of daily drawing will make!

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