Snow and a Story Board

Here in the Washington, DC area we enjoyed a near record breaking blizzard which started Friday afternoon (January 23) and continued until late Saturday night.  This is what 22″ of snow looks like:

BlizzardJan2016BackPatioThe snow piled high on the patio table looking like a loaf of very white bread.  I kept up the shoveling of my sidewalk throughout the storm, which saved me from back breaking work if I had waited until the storm end.  Since I have no driveway, I parked my car in a nearby parking garage to make room for the snow plows and to eliminate the trouble of digging it out.  A neighbor did not.

BlizzardJan2016BuriedCarSome areas had over 30 inches from this system known as Winter Storm Jonas.  I am so thankful that it was cold, so the snow was not too wet.  Therefore, we had few issues with power outages.  We are still clearing out today although my town had the roads clear by Sunday morning.

On my walk yesterday, I found this Sweet Gum tree “gumball” fruit packed with snow.

BlizzardJan2016Gumball Snowstorms are a good time for making art, and I just happened to have started a new class this week – Reflections: Paint Your Story by Jeanne Oliver.  One task for this week is to create a Story Board using old family photos, personal photos and/or magazine images of places and objects that relate to my life.  This brought up so many emotions as I collected materials for my board.  Family members that I miss and those that have changed.  Places I long to be.  Events I had forgotten.  I also placed my attention on the colors within the images in order to create a palette for painting.  Clearly I will need to include chartreuse, teal, and that gorgeous Sedona red/orange rock.

MyStoryBoardThe Story Board was a wonderful, if time consuming exercise which I know will have an impact on my work from this class.

Here are my daily drawings:

January 23

January 23

January 24

January 24

January 25

January 25

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