What if?

I like to play the “What If” game, especially the “What if I win the lottery” game. This week, the lottery was over a billion dollars which generated long lines at the shops selling tickets. People chatted nervously as they tried to fill out their forms for the Powerball for the first time. I never did get it right and went with random numbers. Everyone looked so hopeful.

What would you do with a billion dollars? I would set up trust funds for my children that matched what they earned (can’t make life too easy); give some to friends and family to ease their lives a bit; set up a foundation for causes that matter to me, quit my job and buy an old school or warehouse and turn it into art studios and a gallery, where artists could have low rent in exchange for giving free art classes to kids. I would also get a trailer and travel to all of the National Parks in the USA and Canada, drawing and painting, spinning and knitting along the way.

I did not win, of course, but I thought, how can I act in a small way as if I had won. What do I want most for myself? I want to be an artist full time. While I do need to keep my job for now, I am thankful that I can create art three days a week, and snatch moments here and there on the other days. So, I focus on that and continue to draw every day.

My Daily Drawings (sounds like a lottery name, doesn’t it?):


A doodle and a quick portrait that ended up looking a bit like Pippi Longstocking.  Funny what comes up when drawing.Jan_14_2016

I love birds and plan to do many drawings of all kinds of birds.  This is a raven.  Jan_15_2016

It is a nice change to focus in on one element of the face, looking at each tiny detail.

Jan_16a_2016 Jan_16b_2016

I tried two blind contour drawings today, using a vintage photograph as my reference image.  A blind contour drawing involves looking only at the reference, not at the paper, and using one, continuous line.  In the first, I used a Pentel brush pen, in the second a Derwent Graphitone 6B pencil.  Doing a blind contour drawing takes so much pressure off drawing, since it cannot possibly look well proportioned, but comes out funky, yet interesting in many ways.  For example, I really like the lines of the dress in the ink drawing.

I have four lovely days of freedom because of the holiday.  It is nice to be living the life of an artist, even without winning the lottery!

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