Enjoying the Quiet

Now that the holidays are over, I am relishing the quiet time of January.  I love the short, cold days – perfect for drawing, creating fiber art, or napping!

Here are my Daily Drawings:

Pear - January 8

Pear – January 8

Pine Cone - January 9

Pine Cone – January 9

Vintage Portrait - January 10

Vintage Portrait – January 10

Figure Painting in Charcoal - January 11

Figure Painting in Charcoal – January 11

It is difficult to post all of my daily drawings.  My critical mind makes it uncomfortable to post drawings I don’t like.  I can’t say that I am proud of any of these drawings, but I am proud of myself for drawing each day.  I remind myself that I am practicing daily in order to grow as an artist.  Not everything has to look good.  I am hoping that by the end of the year though, I will see drastic improvement!

I am also finding time to weave again.  I love Saori weaving.  Misao Jo founded the Saori style of weaving in 1969.  It represents a completely freestyle form of weaving, adding in bits of fiber in an unplanned, spontaneous manner.  There are no rules, in fact, many traditional weaving rules are broken.  Of course, I love having no rules.  I can add any size or type of fiber even strips of fabric, randomly change direction, leave gaps, beat it tightly, or loosely, whatever I am feeling in the moment.  It is very Zen, very relaxing.  Some Saori artists change it up frequently, adding bits and pieces, even doing a tapestry style of weaving in the middle of their fabric.  I love that, but, I also love keeping it in simple stripes, adding in a new color when I run out of one, or feel the urge to change.  No thought, just instinct.

Saori_April7_2015Saori_April5_2015It is a thrifty form of weaving too, because I can use up all of my odds and ends!


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