That was me…This is me

This week starts my 12 week journey in an online class with Misty Mawn called “Full Circle”.  She is such a wonderful teacher and only offers the one online class each year.  There are so many creative opportunities in this class: art journaling, poetry, iPhoneography, drawing, and painting!  She often throws in a recipe or two as well.

This week I created a digital art journal page using photos of myself from three different periods of my life.  Then I wrote a poem to go with the image.



That was me…This is me

That was me
Five years old
Candid gaze, challenging
I knew I was special,
Always determined to have my way

Husband, children,
I had lost that little girl
Living other peoples timetables
Hiding all my dreams inside

This is me
At fifty-two
Becoming strong again
No longer content to be invisible,
I am now dreaming on the outside

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