A Rainy Day in Holland Park

If anyone knows which Britcom the post title comes from, please mention it in the comments.  For me, it is actually a rainy day in Washington DC (although I would rather be in London).  I love rainy days, especially when I am warm and dry at home, savoring a cup of Irish Breakfast tea, and lost in a mystery book.  Unfortunately, I have a conference call to attend soon for work.  Well, 3 out of 4 is not bad.

Below is a photo I took last Saturday, another rainy day.  Walking home from Tai Chi I noticed the dripping grays and browns of the woods, and snapped the shot using my iPhone.  I played with the image in photoshop, adding a cool filter and a couple of textured overlays.  The text is a Haiku, made of my impressions and mood of the day.  A Haiku on a photo (or painting) is technically a Haiga.   I hope to make a series of these at some point.

Winter Rain

Winter Rain

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