Finding Stillness


This is the third Buddha painting in my series.  I really am pleased with this one.  I painted the initial layer in the same way as the others, using many colors and freeing up my movement and mark making.  But, when I started to add layers, I began to decrease the number of colors and develop a consistent palette.

Striving to keep myself from getting too tense as I paint, I begin each session with Tai Chi.  This has helped me to center myself and give in to the process.  Then, when I feel myself tensing up, I back away, take a deep breath, and relax.  Needless to say, I am enjoying this method much more than my anxious and impatient former style of painting!

Using this process, there is a point at which I am able to enter the stillness within myself to draw out the painting.  Instead of using my head to paint, I am using that stillness within my heart.  The more I can quiet my mind (especially my critic) the more I can settle into that stillness and be present.

I am finding that every moment in life can be a meditation, if only I let it.

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