The Daily Poet

I started January 1 working through a book called, “The Daily Poet: Day-By-Day Prompts For Your Writing Practice” by Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano.  I will write every day.  I may not produce a poem for each prompt, but I will write in some way every day.  I will post some the material I write, but not all – only those I wish to share.

It is my intention to experiment with words, with my emotions, with finding my voice.  I know some of it will sound amateurish, and some will not make sense.  But, I find myself compelled to express myself with words.  I am primarily a visual artist – I paint, take photographs, and create digital art collage.  Therefore, there will always be an image along with the poetry.  Right now I need to do both.  I imagine myself crawling along in the dark, feeling my way forward in each form of expression, competent in neither, but willing to try.

In my last post, I wrote on the topic for January 1 – resolutions.  The January 2 prompt   concerns protection, and the January 3 writing is a challenge to use words I do not normally use in my writing.



To Protect

When you were little and skinned a knee
A bandage and a kiss were all you needed
Before you flew away again on a new adventure
Now your troubles are more intense and complex
They cannot be remedied so easily
I wish I could protect you as I once did
To hold you and tell you that life is fair
But, of course, it is not.
We all learn this lesson the hard way
You must now learn to bandage your own wounds
To find your own strength and courage
To live your joy and pain and love and anguish
This is the only way to be truly alive, truly human


Censored Pain

I joked that my motto for this year is “Fuck off”!
Oh how I wish I could really say it.
How I wish I could stand up for myself
To take no shit from no body.

I am always so patient, so nice
Yes, of course I will do that for you
Yes, of course I will help you,
Yes, of course I will be there for you

But, what I want to say is,
Do it yourself!
Do what you want!
Go away!  Fuck off and leave me alone!

We are all in pain, but I put mine aside
Absorb others pain as if to transform it, make it less.
But, I can’t.
Only you can transform your own pain.

So, when I say Fuck Off, it is actually a kindness.

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