Buddha 2

I completed my second Buddha painting.  It has been a difficult couple of weeks for me.  I am trying to deal with something for which I have no clue how to handle.  These Buddha paintings are helping to keep me grounded.  They remind me to let go and trust in the power of the moment.  I believe that right actions come from right thoughts which are created by being fully present in each moment.  My brain wants to analyze, list pros and cons, fix the situation.  By practicing painting more intuitively, and by focusing my attention on the image of the Buddha, I can open myself to painting not with the brain, but with the body and the heart.  I intend to carry that process into challenges and interactions in my life.  I wish to act out of the present moment and my own intuitive knowing, rather than react based on fear or anxiety.  I have a long way to go….

The first photo is the background layers of acrylic paint and torn dictionary pages.



In this next set of layers I am simply playing with the paint and developing the image of the Buddha.

Buddha2_inprogress2Finally, I add more detail and definition to the image.  In addition to acrylic paint and dictionary pages, I also used a number stencil, a lotus stencil, and a wine cork as a stamp.

Buddha2Namaste and may the New Year bring health, joy, and peace.



One thought on “Buddha 2

  1. I love out the painting comes alive as you add more layers. It looks very sad and I can imagine how you have put your own feelings into this painting. Hang in there.

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