Serenity in Sedona

Every time I return to Sedona, Arizona, I feel the power of this inspiring landscape with increasing intensity. The glorious red rocks and blue sky, the healing energy of the vortexes, the fresh air all combine to create a truly magical place.

Then there is the food…. Any place that has three health food stores within a mile radius has my vote for best town in America! Add taste expanding restaurants offering Mexican food, Indian delights, and a raw food only menu, and you have a total sensory experience.

I have been playing with my photos since returning home. I am now in a new photoshop course called Photoshop Artistry designed to expand my photoshop technical and artistic skills.

Here is an image layered with some lovely texture:
Bell-Rock-GrungeBell Rock

My sister Cara and I hiked around Bell Rock and Courthouse Rock. Each turn provided a new view of this spectacular area.

An Ocotillo bush

An Ocotillo bush

This was the longest and most rigorous hike my sister had done in some time, and I was proud of her courage in spite of her COPD, and, as it turns out, impending appendicitis! (Side note: three days later back at her home in San Diego she went to the hospital with appendicitis – but all was well and she has fully recovered from her operation.)



We also returned to one of our favorite Sedona meditation spots, the Amitabha Stupa.

Amitabha Stupa

Amitabha Stupa

This preserve is so relaxing and serene. I sat on a bench watching a family of quail, completely losing all track of time.

As in any tourist area, there are many shops, but this is one of my favorites to explore – The Hummingbird House gift shop.

Knowing that I will return one day to Sedona makes it only slightly easier to leave. This was our view on our way out of town.

I received a clear message while hiking and meditating in Sedona. I am on the right path towards the true expression of my deeper self as an artist. It feels nice to receive the support I need at this moment in my life – support from the powerful energy in Sedona, and from my sister. I have started on a journey that is exhilarating and terrifying all in the same breath, but, I keep walking, step by step…


One thought on “Serenity in Sedona

  1. It was a wonderful trip and I want to thank Anne for all her help while I was in the hospital. I was lucky to have her as a sister.

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