Mixed Media Memoir

I have finally finished the art journal I started two weeks ago in the Mixed Media Memoir class with Seth Apter, taken through the Queen’s Ink in Savage, MD. It was such a fun class, filled with exuberant students, and a calm, gentle, funny, and informative teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would encourage anyone to take a class with Seth.

We started with a hardbound book, removed all but the first and last few pages and bound little flaps to the spine. This enabled us to work on individual pages, binding them each when they were complete by gluing to the flaps, or using wire and eyelets. It was so freeing to be able to work on individual pages, rather than binding first and working within the confines of a book.

This is how my book came out:




We were challenged to create a different kind of pocket.  I used the image of a building as a pocket – the legs are removable.  The base of the page on the right is a dictionary page that was coated with Ice Resin.  Also, I had several pictures of a couple that I used throughout the journal.


The vintage postcards are bound independently, while the word ‘postcard’ is stamped on the next page, peeking in between the two.


I will definitely use this binding technique again.  Using different sized pages, planning how each would fit into the book as a whole such as peeking through to other pages, and creating flaps and pockets are all fun and creative ways to add to the visual interest of an art journal.  This one was just for fun to learn the techniques.  I used vintage images and papers that, while expressive, did not actually have any personal meaning for me.  A challenging follow-up project will be to do similar techniques, but to use images of myself and my family, or of places I have been, with text that will make the journal more pertinent to my own life.  This is something that I struggle with in my art journals, and wish to spend time pursuing.  Such fun!