On the Road in 2013


After spending several years paring down my life to the essentials, I am ready to expand on those things I value most. This holiday season has been a happy one, enjoying the company of family and friends, yet also being content with extensive time alone to contemplate the next stage of my life.

Connection, Creation, and Contemplation are my trio of words for this new stage.

Connection: Joy flows through me when I spend time with the people most dear to me, sharing the happy moments and the sorrows in life. I wish to continue to strengthen relationships and to develop new ones.

Creation: I have always loved to make things – drawing, painting, collage, encaustic art, digital art, knitting, and spinning will continue to draw my attention and creative energies. This year I would like to focus on developing my own artistic style. I have also begun writing as a way to explore my thoughts and creativity and wish to continue this process.

Contemplation: I have meditated and done yoga for many years, but I feel a need to go even deeper into my spiritual development this year.

I may have gone overboard, but, I have set some goals for myself and have signed up for several programs and courses throughout the coming year in order to support my above intentions:

— Blog on a weekly basis
— Create a Digital Art Journal Page on a weekly basis – supported by Art Journal Caravan 2013.
SouLodge 2013 – a year long program that will support my journey
Apothecary Circle – a year long program promoting health and wellbeing through herbs and natural foods
Misty Mawn’s Face to Face workshop – to continue my exploration in drawing and painting faces
Milliande’s CAPI – Create Art Portfolio Ideas – to develop my own artistic style
— Bookbinding Workshop at the Smithsonian
Shambhala Buddhism courses and workshops to continue on my meditation path and to live my life more fully in the present.
— Hike more and spend more time in the wilderness to connect with my Artemis nature and ground myself in the natural world and seasons.
— Practice Lovingkindness Meditation to open my heart more fully.
— Take a poetry writing class later in the year.

That’s all. If only I didn’t have that pesky full-time job.

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