Castle of Dreams


In the distance
Hardly recognizable in the haze
Stands a castle
Deep within the thick stone walls
Quietly waits a room
A single piece of furniture
Sits at the center of the darkened space –
An ornately carved cabinet with locked doors
The Cabinet of Dreams

One day, very soon, I will travel to this castle
And make my way to the room
I carry within my soul the key to unlock the cabinet
I will open the doors and let my dreams fly free
Free to move out into the world
To fail or succeed, it does not matter
If I do not set them free, I will die
The choice is that simple
So, today I put on my shoes, step outside my door
And begin my journey to the castle

One thought on “Castle of Dreams

  1. That was a beautiful poem. I like the idea of a journey especially to set your dreams free. I look at every as a journey to be enjoyed as it comes.

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