Castle of Dreams


In the distance
Hardly recognizable in the haze
Stands a castle
Deep within the thick stone walls
Quietly waits a room
A single piece of furniture
Sits at the center of the darkened space –
An ornately carved cabinet with locked doors
The Cabinet of Dreams

One day, very soon, I will travel to this castle
And make my way to the room
I carry within my soul the key to unlock the cabinet
I will open the doors and let my dreams fly free
Free to move out into the world
To fail or succeed, it does not matter
If I do not set them free, I will die
The choice is that simple
So, today I put on my shoes, step outside my door
And begin my journey to the castle

In Every Moment

In every moment of every dayFaceDec17_2012

The end of our world is here

Our lives can change in an instant

The grieving families in Newtown know

Life embodies unlimited horror

Amazingly, it also encompasses infinite beauty

In every moment of every day

We can choose to end our hopelessness

Our despair

In an instant we think a new thought

We speak new words

We create new actions

Our lives can change in an instant