From Snow to Medicine Wheels

I spent last week in Salt Lake City for a work related meeting.  My wonderful colleagues always help make this semi-annual meeting pleasant.  On the last day it snowed.

On Thursday I flew to San Diego, and on Friday, my sister and I drove to Phoenix.  I had a fantastic workshop with Tangie Baxter from Scrapbook Graphics, in Mesa, Arizona, but, more about that in a later post.

After Phoenix, Cara and I drove up to Sedona, home of the red rocks and vortex energy.  A vortex in this context is a form of energy flow that interacts with the subtle energy fields of the body and spirit.  It helps one to make shifts in perception, physical health, spiritual awareness, and emotional well being.

Cara and I each felt powerful shifts throughout our time in Sedona, but, particularly during our tour with Akal from Sedona Red Rock Tours.  We went to two different vortex points and to a couple of medicine wheels where we created a small ceremony.  I won’t reveal the actual shifts I made, as that is a very personal experience, but, I will share some photos of these beautiful and transforming landscapes.

Rock cairns on a log at Red Rock Crossing

Cairns in the water at Red Rock Crossing

Anne and Cara looking over the ledge at Airport Vortex

Path on a Ledge – Airport Vortex




























One thing became clear to me – that I needed to face my fear of heights.  The photo on the right shows a path that followed along the edge of a steep area that fell away to the valley below.  After meditating on the area above, I walked back, by myself, along the ledge.

Below is a photo of Cara and our wise guide.

Cara and Akal

Our next stop was the Amitabha Stupa and a near by Medicine Wheel.

Amitabha Stupa, Sedona

Powerful and Beautiful Medicine Wheel









I have been to Sedona twice before, each time a memorable visit.  This trip was truly magical and I know I will return to this powerful, soothing, and spectacular place many more times in my life.   Facing several fears and transforming them into wisdom and strength enables me to now take my first steps into a new era in my life.

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