Drawing Faces

I realize that is has been a very long time since I made a blog post. I live in eternal hope that I will get in the habit of making regular posts, so I am going to try once again.

I have been taking an online class this summer taught by Pam Carriker, called “Still Pursuing Portraits”. She is a wonderful instructor and I am learning so much. We progressed from pencil drawings, through watersoluble graphite, Caran d’Ache watersoluble crayons, and acrylic painting. She provided methods to approach a frontal view, side view, and 3/4 view. Below are some of my attempts at the process. I am quite pleased with my results and feel that this is a form of drawing that I will continue to practice and develop.


The following two drawings are my graphite 3/4 view portraits.  In this view it is a bit tricky to place the features, although I like this view better than front or side, because it looks more natural.

3/4 View

3/4 View #1


The image below was my first drawing and I spent some time blending the graphite.  She is a bit other worldly, but I still like the outcome.

Front View


This last image I drew yesterday in watersoluble crayon.  I really enjoyed playing with the medium and will continue to practice using this, especially in combination with other media.  In this drawing I also used a little graphite over the crayon.

Watersoluble Crayon


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