I have always liked green: sea green, celadon, moss green, olive green, lime green, and chartreuse.  So, it was fun to use chartreuse as a color scheme for a journal page.

It was interesting trying to layer so many different elements while maintaining the chartreuse theme. I have been using more and more layers varying the effects, but it was challenging to limit the palette.

In the next journal page, I used my own hand drawn doodles that I made a few weeks ago into photoshop brushes, then added some doodles directly onto the page using a pen tablet. I also colored in the hats in the vintage photo. Using the pen tablet is much like drawing directly into a journal, although will a little less control.  Hopefully, with more practice I will improve.

What stuck me about this photo is that, while it is clearly a party, no one seems to be having much fun – especially the children!  Maybe they were just making the best out of an unhappy situation!

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