Mind Map

This is the first Art Journal page in my Art Journal Caravan 2012 at Scrapbookgraphics.com.  I created a mind map depicting my view of my thought processes.  It occurred to me as I worked, that the more I meditate, those areas that are positive (creativity, compassion) expand, while the other negative areas (worry, anger) contract.

The orange background I painted on canvas, and the green/blue I made as a gel print.  I scanned each and layered them, erasing some of the orange so that the green could show through (changing the color from light green to blue green).  Then I scanned the head template from a fantastic book called Personal Geographies by Jill K. Berry, and made a stamp (Photoshop brush) from it.  I also included a photo of myself as a child with collaged wings from a card I made last year.  The font is Tangie’s from Scrapbookgraphics “Mad Hatter”.  I am enjoying this exploration into digital art journaling.


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